Technology in human life – An overview!

Have you ever started noticing and wondering about the changes in the development and enhancement of human life? What do you think the reason might be? Yes, the one and only reason is the Advancement of Technology in day to day life in all the aspects. The advancement of technology have lead the human being to lead a sophisticated life where in each nook and corner the things become much easier and simpler. When we compare to the olden days with the modern days we cam lively experience the sophisticated living conditions. Technology is nothing but using of raw materials in a processed to goods and are utilized for organizational and personal purposes. What if we do not have any development and enhancement in science and technology? Nothing happens but the living conditions will be quite as simple as modern days.

Technology in human life – An overview!

Is technology affects the humans in positive or negative way?

Though technology has made a man to lead a sophisticated life and made the life pretty simpler and easier, there also some of the negative aspects we should concentrate up on. Remembering the proverb when there is a will there is away, when we face a difficult or problem technology gave us a solution. But now a day’s technology is also being used in negative aspects also. Improper enhancement of technology is the only reason for the negative aspects. There are many situations where we can directly point out the negative aspects but they are all based on how we treat and how we utilize the technology and its enhancement and its features.

What else you need when you are all leading a sophisticated life!

Yes of course what else we need when we are all leading a sophisticated life. One should keep in mind the help of technology in various aspects of our life. Without miss using the technology, we must utilize the technology in the best way to enhance all the living conditions of the people. Still India being an under developed country, we should each every single human to enjoy the benefits of technology and make them lead a sophisticated life. At that time we can say that the actual technology has come into existence.  Rather than miss using the advancement in the fields of information and technology one should keep in mind about the positive aspects and use them effectively.

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