Server software poses soft target for ransomware

A substitute technique for tainting PCs with ransomware signals a movement in strategies by cybercriminals that could put organizations in more serious danger, as indicated by Symantec. Server software poses soft target for ransomware, one such software is called Samsam. It has been contaminating associations yet it does not in the typical way. “Samsam is […]

Recovering data from a corrupted hard drive or SSD and deleting the corrupt files

You don’t have to worry too much in case your data has gotten corrupted with unknown files. With a mac computer, you just need a few software to help you with your corrupt disk problems. A Mac can help you delete the corrupt files as well as Recover the data you may have lost. It […]

Pure Storage introduces FlashBlade Storage having being tipped by servers

Data storage headache in the cloud is just about to come to an end. Unstructured data will now have a place in the cloud. All-flash storage have just come up with a mechanism to store unstructured data conveniently thanks to the idea it got from servers. The company introduced a blade server dabbed FlashBlade. It […]

Advantages of computer technology

A computer is a device that accepts information and manipulates it for some result based on a program and how the Data Recovery is to be processed and the complex computers also include the means for storing data. A program may be invariable and built into the computer or different programs may be provided to […]

Technology in human life – An overview!

Have you ever started noticing and wondering about the changes in the development and enhancement of human life? What do you think the reason might be? Yes, the one and only reason is the Advancement of Technology in day to day life in all the aspects. The advancement of technology have lead the human being […]